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Jennifer Lopez
The iconic JLo is known for her beautifully flawless skin, especially at the age of 47, but what keeps it so clear and taut? Jennifer Lopez undergoes regular Dermalux LED facials to maintain her wrinkle-free skin, and keep it looking youthful and fresh. If you’ve seen Jen’s skin in recent years, you’ll know that she is essentially ageless, and definitely does not look her age. In fact, she could be in her late 20s or 30s.

Jessica Alba
The craze of light therapy facials seemingly all came out after Jessica Alba posted about it, and for good reason. At age 35, and after two kids, Jessica looks not a day over her ‘Honey’ years, using the light therapy to calm, correct pigmentation and anti-age, accelerating skin recovery.

Gwen Stefani
Another beautiful celeb who simply hasn’t aged over the last 2 decades, Gwen Stefani also undergoes regular light therapy treatments, escaping from tired, dull skin after years of touring on the road. Committing to regular sessions of LED light, there is no doubt Gwen’s skin looks like that of a 20-year-old.

Kourtney Kardashian
This beautiful Kardashian gave her some 56.4 million followers on Instagram an insight into her skincare routine, which involved treating her skin to LED light therapy. Kourtney uses regular at-home phototherapy treatments to maintain her celeb-worthy skin, even at age 38, focusing on anti-ageing and skin illuminating.

Kate Hudson
The queen of beautiful, vibrant, Cali skin, Kate Hudson has LED to thank for maintaining her ageless skin spanning the life of her career in the spotlight. Trialling the treatment on her Snapchat, Kate has taken to using the facial to boost collagen production and prevent breakouts, an essential in the industry.

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These 5 Celebrities Swear by LED light…

Leading edge light technology is increasing in awareness and popularity in modern salons, and celebrities are certainly catching on. With benefits to your skin such as the promotion of healing, reduction of inflammation, pain and the appearance of hyper pigmentation, acne and dehydrated, dull skin, LED phototherapy is the best-kept secret behind the beautiful women of Hollywood and beyond, and we guarantee this results-driven treatment will give you Oscar-worthy skin.

iLUMiNEX Light Therapy Devices
iLUMiNEX Light Therapy Device

2-Step Neck & Chest Lifting System

iLuminex 2-Step Neck & Chest Lifting System is an advanced solution for minimizing the visible signs of premature aging in the neck and chest area. This system includes our Light Therapy LED Neck & Chest Lifting Device and our Age-Defying Neck & Chest Cream. Step 1 is our lifting device. It is based on new intense micro-vibration and LED technology and is designed to battle and minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin that show on your neck, chin, and chest area. Our rich cream will be applied as step-2 for improved anti-aging results. The goal of this system is to rejuvenate, tone, and revitalize the skin of the neck & chest area and to restore its youthful appearance.

This System includes iLuminex Light Therapy Neck & Chest Lifting Device, USB cable charger, manual, protection cover for device, and Age-Defying Neck & Chest Cream.

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