Ice Whites Teeth Whitening
Peroxide FREE Ice Whites is a unique teeth whitening system. The kit comes complete with two syringes and gum shields allowing up to 10 individual tray treatments. Quick and Easy to use Fast, safe results that last. Reduces coffee, tobacco and red wine stains. A cost-effective procedure that will boost your confidence and whiten your smile.


He shi face tan
He-Shi Facial Gel
A gel A light moisturing gel which refreshes the skin giving an instant golden glow.
New CID i-glow Coral Crush
Compact Shimmer Powder with Mirror

These marbelised glow powders are the perfect 'pick me up' for the skin. Using our famous baked formulation for easy, silky smooth application, i - glow has light reflective pigments for mimicking your skins natural radiance. Some of the shades make really lovely blushers as well.

A perfect Gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthday, or Mothers Day.  If you wish to order a Gift Voucher or any other product by credit/debit card, cheque or postal order please call us on 01670 50 40 30
He-shi tan
He-Shi Liquid Tan for Him & Her,
plus Mitt
(essential for application)

150ml £26

He-shi tan
He-Shi Gradual Tan
for Him & Her
For daily application with a pleasant strawberry scent

200ml £15
Coral Crush
£20 Gift Voucher
£40 Gift Voucher
£50 Gift Voucher
ice whites
He - Shi Tan
Teeth Whitening
New CID Make Up

New CID i - bronze
Compact Bronzer Powder with Mirror

The make-up essential for that year-round sun-kissed look. The unique marbelised formulation means this bronzer has swirls of bronze, golds, pinks and chocolate browns to give the perfect colour for practically all skin tones.

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SKINICIAN Facial Products
SKINICIAN has been developed by an expert team of trained therapists and skincare specialists, who as industry insiders have had first-hand experience in the skincare offerings available for the professional market.

As Faydani's newest product range you can now experience treatments in this professional range during our facial treatments, as well as purchase products for home use.

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Faydani offer a comprehensive range of New CID make up products, as well as offering a make service, whether it be for a night out or your full wedding party. Contact us for a consultation, to book a make-up artist, or to buy more products.